Nvelope Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Our Rainscreen Support Systems are developed for supporting even the most demanding cladding materials. Concealed fastened, exposed fastened or customized solutions are available. You name it - we will make it happen.

NV1 - Vertical Face Fastened System
Our adjustable main support system for vertical rainscreen cladding applications. Mechanical face fastened panels.

NV3 - Hidden Mechanical Fastened System
Adjustable system for hidden fastened needs. Cladding panels mechanically attached.

NH2 - Vertical to Horizontal Adaptor
The NH2 adaptor allows to convert an NV1 vertical system to a horizontal system.

Which system works for you ?

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in the U.S.:
» 1-844-nvelope (683-5673)
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in Canada:
» 1-866-847-5400
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