Doing Business with Us

General sales policies and credit applications

SFS aims to simplify negotiations and to rationalize the handling of contracts and contract relations.

Below you will find the information you need on our conditions of sales and the forms required to initialize the business relationship.

Customer Credit Approval Process

Prospective customers need to be "credit-approved" prior to placing orders with SFS. The customer credit approval process requirements are defined in the attachments or on-line credit application form (US only)

New - on-line U.S. credit application form
click here to access the on-line credit application form for United States

Downloadable PDF forms:

Nvelope Sales Policies and SFS Terms and Conditions

Purchases of the Nvelope system shall be in accordance with the General Sales Policies Nvelope and within SFS Terms and Conditions, as attached

U.S. Nvelope Sales Policies - PDF, 0.04 MB

U.S. SFS Terms and Conditions - PDF, 0.14 MB
Canada: SFS Terms and Conditions - PDF, 0.23 MB

Making payments to SFS

Electronic wire transfer shall be made in accordance with guidelines defined in the attachment.

U.S. Wire transfer instructions - PDF, 0.02 MB

Canada Wire transfer instructions - PDF, 0.03 MB

For more information, contact:

in the U.S.:
» 1-844-nvelope (683-5673)

in Canada:
» 1-866-847-5400