About Nvelope

A brand of SFS

In July of 2016, SFS Group acquired Ncase Limited, the leading supplier of subframes for rainscreen cladding in the UK. This acquisition strengthened SFS Group's competence in this demanding field of applications and rounded out the group's offering of proprietary fastening systems.

North America's Construction Division immediately blended the Nvelope rainscreen cladding systems and products in to its product portfolio. Customers now can order the entire fastening system for exterior walls - the subframes, fastening elements and engineering services from a single source.

This website focuses on the systems and products of the Nvelope brand marketed in North America.

However, you will also find an introduction to other SFS Construction Division products supported and marketed in North America, with links that will directly the SFS intec North America website.

For more information, contact:

in the U.S.:
» 1-844-nvelope (683-5673)
» us.nvelope@sfsintec.biz

in Canada:
» 1-866-847-5400
» ca.nvelope@sfsintec.biz